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The Monocle Weekly Podcast

Sometime last week through my Google Reader I came across someone talking about the Monocle Weekly podcast. I gathered that The Monocle is a magazine, but without reading about the magazine I subscribed to podcast. I seriously enjoyed the podcast, it’s a nice mixture of politics, business, music, design, etc. This past Saturday Brian, Dave and I went shopping at Tretorn in Georgetown. I noticed Tretorn had copies of the newest issue of The Monocle, I decided it would be in my best interest to look into getting a subscription to the magazine. I was a little disappointed when the subscription didn’t seem to be a very good deal, I mean it’s definitely worth it to have it delivered (and you get a really nice-looking tote bag) but you are not getting any discount by subscribing. I’ll probably end up getting a subscription, especially since today’s episode of The Monocle Weekly podcast was just so good, it’s really well done, I couldn’t possibly give it a higher recommendation. Great job guys!


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