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Dying of Consumption

There was a substantial windfall last month. I finally came to the following conclusions regarding that money:

  1. Buying an Apple Cinema Display is asinine since my MacBook will be slowed down.
  2. Buying an iPhone will be chumpy since I’d have to pay at least $150 just to cancel the Verizon contract.
  3. Buying a MacBook Pro is imbecilic because I’ve not had my MacBook for even a year and it appears all the Apple laptops will be refreshed around September.
  4. Buying a flatscreen TV may not be a bad idea.

The problem is that of all the geeky electronics listed above the only one that really tugs at my heart is the iPhone. However, my financial sense holds me back. I still remember when I used to be in debt a few years back when I was coming out of college. There was definitely a sense of purpose and triumph when I buckled down and whittled down my $3,000 debt to zero. Now I promptly pay my credit card twice a month and make sure the credit card company makes no money off of me. The credit company actually sends me money since I have a rewards card. But I also keep thinking that all of the things I listed are completley unecessary. . . I’m acting as if the money is burning in my pocket. Sometimes I have to be reminded that all I need is a coffee, a book and some sunlight to derive lots of satisfaction.


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One Response

  1. Andrea says:

    “asinine”, “chumpy”, “imbecilic”, hehe.

    i am half-contemplating a new mac laptop sometime in the next few months, and weighing the costs vs. the benefits.

    and earlier this year i have let my credit card companies make $2-3 in interest income from me. no more!!!

    if i told you how much student debt i carry, you would be in shock and awe. it is a monster number, but somehow i don’t feel crushed. unfortunately, it means that i will have to divert money from my paychecks to paying the loans down (instead of saving), but it seems like there’s no other way about it.

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